The People Working for You

Here is a quick rundown of the Brokerage staff, giving it our all for you and your investment in your future.

Dean Headshot.png

Dean Harris

Vice President of Sales

With over 16 years in Real Estate based solely in Memphis and Northern MS, Dean flips and rents houses himself.  Well-versed in BPOs for the area, you can rest assured that his pricing is always on-point.  With a background in new construction and a focus for the last 6 years in investment properties, he knows the market no matter the field.  You can contact him ( at any time and get years of knowledge and know-how in return.

Amber Harris

Affiliate Broker/ Transaction Coordinator

Regretting not having a beach-front office does not stop her from getting all the legwork done.  With a degree in Business Administration and her Agent license in TN and MS, Amber brings a lot of experience to the table.  Her 10 years in administrative and transaction positions and over 6 years in investment means she is not letting anything slip through the cracks.  Feel safe knowing she will get the paperwork done correctly and quickly every time.  Feel free to reach her at (


Randall Weatherall

Operations Director

Much like being in the launch room at NASA (but with less math, thankfully), it is my job to get systems off-the-ground and ensure that they are functioning properly for a smoother back-end.

Feel free to email me ( with any general questions or concerns about any step of the process.  Also, feel free to send any site issues to me and I will fix them ASAP!