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Our Vice President of Sales, Dean Harris, has guests on every week, speaking about a different topic and trying to educate the audience and enlighten on various topics concerning the investment market here in the Greater Memphis Area.

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This episode: we cover how to ramp up from the beginning of your investment career to owning 20 and being on your way to financial security. After, we talk about how to get the most from your investment should the need to sell come up, both with Dan Butler from CrestCore Realty.
This week, we talk about 3 things you want to try to avoid at all costs when investing after a brief market recap from Wendy Greenlaw of Chandler Reports! After, we discuss the difference between money partners and equity partners with Douglas Skipworth of CrestCore Realty.
We postulate this week that there are 4 typical types of real estate investors. Take a listen and figure out which one may suit you and how to cover any weaknesses and use any strengths that they might carry with them.