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Great Experience!

I am building my rental porfolio in memphis and CrestCore realty has been a great help. Brooke is very knowledgeable about market, have good understanding on which areas are investor friendly. She gives solid advice. Even in the time of low inventory, they were able to source good amount of listings. I was able to quickly get started and close on multiple properties. Their support staff/transaction coordinator all are pleasure to work with. super responsive, super friendly. If you are in memphis market, then look no further. Highly Recommended!

Mangat Rai

Dean @ CrestCore - INCREDIBLE!

I am 27 years old and just getting into real estate investing. With that being said, I was the kind of guy who needed an extremely patient, knowledgeable and experienced individual to hand-walk me through the process. This is exactly what Dean did. I honestly should pay him an extra couple thousand bucks just for the amount of time he spent helping me get into my first (of many) home. Dean & the CrestCore team are phenomenal. Thanks guys!

Jonathan Wiener

5 Stars!

Arron Paulino

I work with Dean's team because they bring lots of great deals to me, and their offer and closing process is very smooth and efficient.

With their help, my wife and I were able to efficiently close 4 deals in one month! I've worked with many realtors, but Dean's team seems to be one of the best with volume, scale, and efficiency for investors.

Charles L. Rose, Jr.

I have worked with Dean and his team to purchase my rental property in Memphis.

Once I gave my investment objectives, the team at CrestCore Realty wasted no time and worked diligently to find good deals for me every day. Their local market knowledge and professionalism are of great value to investor like me from an out of state. I am highly satisfied with their service, and look forward to many more deals with the team in future.

Joshua Lalrempuia

First Rental Property I worked with Dean and his team to purchase my first property!

The SFH is in Memphis and is slated to be almost a full BRRRR. It was a very exciting process to work on and their knowledge of the area and how it can match to my strategy was very much appreciated. I look forward to the next property purchase with this team!

Brian Hansen

Top notch agent!

You can't turn around without bumping into a real estate agent in Memphis. Only a few are trustworthy to invest long distance. Dean Harris and his team is the diamond in the rough. He knows the history of the Memphis area, current market values, and most importantly, the direction of Memphis' future plans. If RE investing is your game, Dean is your agent. After 4 deals with Dean I am 100% confident in his ability build my portfolio and find "the right deal". His network of builders, inspectors, lenders, etc. makes long distance investing a fun and profitable experience. Thank you Dean Harris for all you do!

Ray Goetze

I am an out of state investor who was looking to buy my first properties in Memphis.

I had the pleasure to work with Dean and his team at Crestcore over the summer and we just closed two properties! First, Dean has amazing resources for you to get educated on the Memphis market, I am a big fan of the zip code showdown that really help to better understand the city, the market and narrow down on a specific location based on your strategy. Dean is definitely busy, but will always answer your calls or emails in a timely fashion, and they've done a great job managing the offer process (big shout out to Monica who is doing a fantastic job) and referring lenders or other professionals. They also do a great job sending properties and vetting the ones that I was sourcing myself (It's a street to street market so relying on his experience was key). It's sometimes hard when you're newer investor to navigate everything, and I learnt a lot from the team during this process. If you're looking to invest in Memphis do not hesitate to reach out.

Ibrahim Cisse

Dean Harris is a top notch real estate professional who really knows the Memphis market inside and out.

He has assisted us in buying several single family homes around Memphis and there will be more in the future! I don't feel like he just tries to sell me whatever he has but rather he waits until he has something that meets my criteria. He keeps track of what we want and matches our wants to the right house. He has shown us a nice variety of homes, is great at helping the negotiation process, will always assist with inspections if needed, is efficient through the closing process, and follows up after closing to make sure everything is going well. I really think is knowledge of Memphis is one of his best attributes. You will read on Biggerpockets, and elsewhere, that Memphis is more street to street than zip code to zip code when searching for good neighborhoods. Dean is good at breaking things down where turning one way off a main street is bad and turning the other way is good. You need someone who has that kind of knowledge as otherwise when you are comparing comps they might not really be comps. Dean has a team of professionals around him who can help with all aspects of the purchase and property management. He also can help investors sell their homes if that becomes needed... though I don't see that happening anytime soon for us. Talk to Dean about all your Memphis real estate needs!

John P.

Crestcore Realty in Memphis I’ve worked with quite a few people here at Crestcore and they’ve helped me tremendously.

Highly recommend

Raymond Kovats

5 Stars

Shirley Wen

Why CrestCore Realty?

If you are looking for an investment property in the Memphis market CrestCore Realty is the company for you! From day 1 they have made the process as smooth as possible for me. They have answered all of my questions given me suggestions and I couldn't have asked for better communication when looking for a property. I highly recommend this company as they are seasoned investors themselves and know how to treat you as a new investor! CrestCore and their team thank you and I look forward to our relationship for years to come!!

Arsenio Hart

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